Just a blue, blue day

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Just a blue, blue day

Last day of summer

The main day, first lift – 7/10/2009

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And Wednesday morning dawns – is it windy or rainy – no! Yeah! For the first time in five days it is sunny and still, a perfect day for “installing” a house. Are we excited, well maybe just a little bit, shower, breakfast and coffee and off we go to the site. And it was a bit gob smacking to see the crane rising above the houses’s as we approached and all the detours in place and two semi-trucks with two modules parked up the street. To think that in two days the site would be transformed with a house.

Our first visitor in Camborne Road, Singapore

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2010 – Here we come, actually we are here already……

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Patrick and I were sharing a glass of wine today, both of us having a nice crisp white wine – P in Singapore, me in Sydney – no we are not mad (well, maybe I am) we were using Skype! We even cheers’d each other, I hit my webcam a bit hard though and it nearly wobbled off its perch on my monitor.

Anyway as we were chatting Patrick did (very nicely) say I was just wondering are you going to update the blog!

Yes, Okay, Okay I have been a bit slack, just a little bit – well all right a LOT! Absolutely no updates since umm, well, lets see – gee its so long ago I don’t think I can count to that number. Well I confess, today is Sunday the 17th January and I am in our new house, and no updates, well since (cringe) the 6th of October (the day before our house was to be installed) – now that’s only, what!  103 days, that’s terrible!

So, that’s a lot of catching up to do – so be patient, but, it will all reveal itself over the next two days.

Just to wet the whistle

Look up in the sky, is it a bird, is it a plane – no, it’s…………………..

Our House!

Now what do you do on a Tuesday Evening?

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Well we went looking for our house – and guess what we found it! Somewhere on the Hume….

They leave for their new home at 1:30am. Thanks guys, you’re doing a great job! 🙂

Front Door of the House....

Front Door of the House....

Stressed – Us! No…..

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12 Hours before the first modules meet their new home. Well you can’t live without sustanance…… can we Patrick

1st break in the weather in four days and we grab it with both hands!



And from SMH……

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Sydney receives a soaking

October 6, 2009 – 12:22PM

Sydney has received a much-needed soaking, with more rain falling over the weekend than during the whole of August and September combined, finally washing away any remnants of last month’s dust storms.


Yesterday afternoon small hailstones fell during thunderstorms in Sydney, and further hailstones could be expected tomorrow and possibly this afternoon, Ms Golding said.

Cooler days ahead

But there were cooler days ahead, highs of just 17 degrees expected for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, “which is unusually cold for Sydney”, Ms Golding said.

Arrrrhhhhhhhhh, cmon – be nice……. just a couple of more days, please…….

Leaving Soon….

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Two and a half hours and the trucks (with the modules) leave the Prebuilt factory in Kilsyth.

So, what’s important when you build a house in one state and transport it to another state for it to live – well, the weather! Sunny weather is very good, cloudy weather with no rain is good, cloud and a bit of rain is OK, heavy rain not so good, heavy rain and wind, not good at all. Would be really good if there is no rain on Wednesday or Thursday in Sydney and none on Tuesday in Melbourne.

Now let’s see what is in store……..

Tuesday: Melbourne: Showers, local hail and thunder….14C, Sydney: A shower or two 19C

Wednesday: Sydney – Windy, Shower or two 17C

Thursday: Sydney – Windy, Few Showers 17C

Hmmmmmmmm, where has all that weather Karma disappeared to?

Bed now – I’m sure that will help! Dreaming of sunny days and tropical islands, surf and warm water, mojito’s – now – I’m feeling better all ready!

And on Sunday we go exploring….

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3 days to go, it’s Sunday, it poured on Saturday, its supposed to rain all week (and lets throw in some hail, thunder and wind) and here’s the site….

In 3 days the first modules arrive....

In 3 days the first modules arrive....Yes, 3 days..... Move in 16 days....

Did I mention we are building a BBQ!

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Well, would a home be complete without a BBQ! And here’s the beginning of ours – check those footings, it must be going to be one interesting BBQ! Stay tuned for more updates! Maybe its a launching pad for a mini rocket!

Preparation for the BBQ footings...

Preparation for the BBQ footings...


Down, Down - is this really for a BBQ?

Down, Down - is this really for a BBQ?